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We are excited about our new Company Structure! Rather than breaking out our competitive group into teams, dancers will audition to be a part of the our Company Team. We believe this approach will build cohesiveness, confidence, and a deeper sense of team unity.With this structure change will come a change in requirements. ALL students will now only be required to compete up to 3 dances, but will have the opportunity for more if desired. We hope this approach will allow families to determine what level of commitment is right for them. Below is an outline of requirements by age group.Grades 1-2 – Dancers will be required to compete Jazz & Tap.Grades 3-4 – Dancers will be required to compete Jazz, Tap, & Production.Grades 5-12 – Dancers will be required to compete Jazz, Lyrical & Production.Our program offers intense technical training and development in a variety of dance styles. While dancers are not required to compete all styles, we believe that taking classes (both technique and performance) in multiple genres is necessary to build well-rounded, successful dancers.**Please note these Tiers are ONLY to show what is required and optional for each dancer. This has nothing to do with where your dancer will be placed. Where your dancer will be placed is based on their audition.While class requirements will follow the dancer’s tier based on grade level, there may be situations where a dancer, based on their audition and technical level, may be invited to participate in opportunities above their tier. This will be on a case-by-case basis and at staff discretion only.

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Tier Table System

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