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2024-2025 Company Teams

CONGRATULATIONS to the following dancers who have been selected to the EDA Company for the 2024-2025 season!!​

Emily A, Kelsey C, Maeve D, Lillian D, Kaylee D, Kenadee D, Lauren F, Ellie F, AJ G, Karly G, Gatsby G, AJ G, Regan G, Alice H, Isabelle J, Edith J, Nora J, Mariselle J, Tabrie K, Sophia L, Mila M, Vivian M, Grace M, Hazel M, Olivia M, Lucy P, Rylee R, Adrienne R, Ayven S, Elli S, Aubree S, Lily S, Stella S, Annabelle S, Layla S, Anyah S, Eleanor S, Courtlyn T, Elizabeth T, Amelia W, McKinley W, Natalie W

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