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I think spring is finally on the way!!  And with it comes our busiest time of year.  With competitions, picture day, rehearsals and other preperations for our spring show the time will ceratinly fly.  I know kids get busy with school and other activities in the spring, but please make every effort to get them to weekly classes so they are sure to feel confident on the stage. 
Mon April 1st  – Registration opens for Summer 2019
April 1st – 4th – Video Week @ EDA
Sat April 6th – Picture Day @ EDA
April 15th – 18th – Showcase Fee Due
Fri, May 17th    Mandatory Dress Rehearsal, 5 pm
Sat. May 18th  Showcase #1, 6 pm
Sun, May 19th Showcase #2, 2 pm
Mon June 3rd – Summer sessions begins 
Thur June 27th – Competition Team Auditions, 4-9 pm
SPRING BREAK:  We will be open for classes next week even though area schools are on spring break.  If your child will be absent please let us know.
SHOWCASE COSTUMES: Showcase costumes will be arriving soon and will be coming home in early March.  Please try these on sooner than later in case alterations need to be made. If you have any questions regarding placement of straps, accessories, hair pieces, etc, please ask Jen or the front desk before sewing anything into permanent position.  Be sure to hang costumes so wrinkles have a chance to fall out and be certain to label ALL COSTUME PIECES and ACCESORIES before bringing them in for picture day. 
PICTURE DAY:  Read Photography will be in the studio on Saturday, April 6th for individual and class pictures.  You will find the schedule attached to this newsletter. On the picture schedule you will also see the style & color of shoes & tights you’ll need for pictures as well as the showcase.  Those of you who don’t yet have the correct shoes please get that taken care of right away in case there are any problems with shoes on backorder. Makeup and hair specifications can also be found on the picture schedule.  Please stop by the front desk if you have any questions. There is no charge to be in the class pictures, we ask that everyone attend even if you’re not planning to purchase. Order forms will be available at the front desk if you do decide to purchase. 
VIDEO WEEK:   Parents will be allowed into the dance rooms during the first week of April to video each showcase dance.  We encourage you to take part in this, as your child will be able to use this as a tool at home to practice to be sure they are comfortable with their routine and feeling confident on stage.  Please slip your shoes of and the teacher will invite you in during the last few minutes of each class. If your unable to make it I’m sure you can make arrangements with another parent from the class to send you the video. 
SHOWCASE FEE:  This years Showcase Fee will be due the week of April 15th, (15th – 18th).  The showcase fee is $40 for the first dancer in each family and $20 for each additional dancer.  Each family will then receive 6 show tickets for the first dancer and another 3 tickets for each additional dancer.  Additional tickets will be available for purchase if you need more.  Tickets will be available in early May.
SUMMER SESSION:  Our summer schedule will be posted soon!!  Summer is a short 4 week session that will run June 3rd – June 27th.  This is a great opportunity for kids to try a new class to see if its something they like before signing up for the full year session.  Registration for summer will open April 1st.
COMPETITION TEAM AUDITIONS:  Our summer intensive runs on Monday and Wednesday evenings in June, wrapping up with team auditions on the evening of Thursday, June 27th.  Please contact Jen for more information if your dancer is interested in auditioning for the competition team.
LOST & FOUND:  Due to the many weather closures over the last couple weeks we delayed clearing out the lost and found until the end of this week.  We have a rather large collection of clothing hanging on the hooks in the dressing room.  Please take a look this week and claim anything that belongs to your dancer.  Any clothing remaining at the end of the week will be donated to charity. 
LOBBY:  The only liquid allowed in the studio is WATER.  No pop, Gatorade, smoothies, lemonades, teas, coffees, ice cream, etc.. Please make sure your child is aware of this and is only bringing water into the studio. Thank you for your cooperation.
PARKING:  Please remember that while we are allowed to use the adjacent parking lot (to the east), after 5 pm, at NO TIME can we park in the spots that are marked with signs as tenant parking.  Please make sure anyone that may come pick up your child is aware of this.  If we continue to use those spots we will lose the ability to share their lot. 
 Thanks for reading & keep your fingers crossed this weather continues to warms up!!
  -Jen & the EDA Staff