What Do I Need For Class?

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Below is a list of shoes needed for each class. If a student has a shoe from previous lessons that is the incorrect brand, style or color, they are welcome to wear those to class until they grow out of them or until spring pictures/showcase, at which time they will need to have the correct brand, style & color.

2-3 Creative Movement will need WHITE Capezio Lily Full Sole Ballet Shoes.

3’s, 4’s, 4-5, & Inv Supermini Combos will need WHITE Capezio Shuffle Tap Shoes and WHITE Capezio Lily Full Sole Ballet Shoes.

5-6, 6-7, Inv Mini & Inv Junior Combos will need TAN Capezio Shuffle Tap Shoes & PINK Capezio Lily Full Sole Ballet Shoes.

8-9, 10+, Inv Preteen & Inv Teen Combo will need TAN Capezio Fluid Tap Shoes & PINK Capezio Lily Ballet Shoes.

All Jazz/Pom Classes will need TAN Capezio Hanami Jazz Shoes.

All Lyrical Classes will need SUNTAN Capezio Canvas Pirouette 1/2 soles.

All Hip Hop Classes will be ordering shoes during costume week that go with their costume. During the first few months of class hip hop dancers can wear jazz shoes, ballet shoes, hip hop shoes from a previous year or clean tennis shoes that haven’t been worn outside.

All Company Tap students will need BLACK Capezio Fluid or Bloch Tap Shoes.

All Company ballet students will need PINK canvas Capezio Hanami ballet shoes.

All Company Jazz dancers will need TAN or BLACK Bloch Pulse jazz shoe. Colors will be decided during costume week.

All Company Lyrical dancers will need SUNTAN Capezio Canvas Hanami Pirouette 1/2 soles.

Children can wear any type of form fitting dance wear that they feel comfortable in.  This can be leotard with tights, spandex shorts or tops, leggings, form fitting tanks, etc..  NO baggy pants, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, etc., it is important that we see the alignment of the body to be sure the children are doing things safely and correctly.  Baggy pants and tops CAN be worn for hip hop ONLY.  Students in a ballet technique class must be in a black leotard and pink tights with hair secured back in a CLEAN bun.

For your dancers safety, please keep hair pulled back away from their face, either in a pony tail, bun or braid.  No dangling earrings or large jewelry.   Please label your dancers shoes and have them bring them all into the classroom in their bag.  Water bottles are allowed in the classroom but please keep them in your bag unless changing shoes or the teachers has given permission to go get a drink.  There are no water fountains available at the studio. Bottled water is available at the front desk for $1.